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RSIt is just Stock Wolf's RSI Trend. It means how far up or down the RSI is from the previous day. It let's you know if the RSI is rising or falling with the current trends.

Stock Wolf displays stochRSI, sometimes might be labeled sRSI or RSIs around the site. stochRSI is a stochastic formula for RSI. It gauges the Lowest RSI and Highest RSI for a period compared to it's current RSI. 

stochRSI ranges from 0 to 1. If the stochRSI is at 1, then that means it's current RSI is at it's peak for the last 14 Days. If the stochRSI is at 0.5, that means the current RSI is about halfway to it's highest RSI point compared to it's lowest point.

stochRSI brings a nice aspect to put RSI numbers into perspective based on that stocks momentum. People may think if a stocks RSI is at 60.00 then it has room to keep going because of a general idea of RSI. But if the stochRSI on that 60 is 1, then that stock has most likely hit a strength peak. That doesn't mean it won't go up, but it let's you know where that stocks RSI number lies in terms of it's individual momentum.


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