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Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. - NWBO

RSI %R Tweets Wolf Odds
56 -52 26 78.81%

Industry: Biotechnology / Sector: Healthcare

NWBO Chart

NWBO Quote

Prev Close: 0.272
Open: 0.2715
Last Trade: 0.2698
Change %: -0.810%
Change: -0.0022000
Volume: 388045
Avg Vol: 1937553
Relative Vol: 0.20
Day Range: 0.261 -0.28
52-Week Range: 0.1400 - 0.9800
Market Cap: 50.28M
Float: 249.83M
Shares Outstanding: 315.12M
Insider Owned: 5.81%
Institution Owned: 18.92%
Beta: 1.53
PE Ratio: 0.00
EPS: -0.3940

NWBO Detailed Stats

RSI:55.62 %K:47.92 Wolf Odds: 78.81% Tweets Today:26 SMA14:0.2700
stochRSI:0.31 %D:49.02 Wolf Trend:0.13 Tweet Avg:61 Pivot Price:0.2702667
%R:-52.08 %B:0.50 Wolf 3-Day:0.33 Avg. Change 3-Day:-0.633% Resistance 1:0.2795333
MFI:46.25 Bandwidth:0.235185 Wolf 7-Day:0.40 Avg. Change 7-Day:+0.737% Resistance 2:0.2892667
WolfPeak:0.20 Vortex Indicator:0.02 Wolf 14-Day:0.54 Avg. Change 14-Day:+0.18% Support 1:0.2605333
ROC 7/14:4.5736/-9.1582 Aroon Oscillator:-42.8571 EOM:0.006524 Relative Vol:0.20 Support 2:0.2512667
RSI Alert:None WolfPeak Alert:None Vortex Alert:Potential Bear Aroon Alert:None EOM Alert:None

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NWBO Description

Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company, discovers and develops personalized immune therapies for cancer in the United States and internationally. The company develops its products based on DCVax, a platform technology that uses activated dendritic cells to mobilize a patient?s own immune system to attack cancer. It is developing DCVax-L, a product in Phase III clinical trials to treat Glioblastome multiforme, a brain cancer; and DCVax-Direct, a product in Phase I/II clinical trials to treat various types of inoperable solid tumor cancers. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland.

NWBO Comments

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