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Stock Wolf doesn't participate in paid stock listings or propping a stock up as a "buy", offer unwarranted gain expectations, or any other tactics. The main sponsorship activity by Stock Wolf is offering paid promotion to the securities own PR, news, releases, financials, and other information direct from the security. We do not write our own articles/news about a security and promote it. We only take the news that is direct from the security itself, and use our means to get the news to more readers. This provides a key service to securities and gets real news from the security to readers for education.

Stocks listed in any algorithm on the site or tweeted out(Picks, runners, trends, etc) will never be paid placements. All of those items run on automated scripts and will never be tampered with. You will find promoted news in the top right of all pages, on top of all newsfeeds on all symbol pages, in tweets, in the forum, popups, alerts, and newsletters. This news may be referenced as "Featured News", "Promoted News", and/or "Sponsored News".

When Stock Wolf promotes news from a security it is not an endorsement to buy, sell, or hold. Stock Wolf does not write the news it promotes and does not do due diligence on any information stated. You will need to do all your own due diligence on the information a security states and make a decision while working with a licensed financial adviser. 

Stock Wolf is not responsible for your loses from investing in any security from the information you read on it's site/twitter/emails. You are trading at your own risk when buy/selling stocks, including highly volatile securities like micro-cap stocks. Please make sure to read all our terms, disclaimers, policies and information. Again, Micro-Cap "penny stocks" are considered very high risk investments and should not be invested in by the general public. Any statement made by a security in news are not statements made or supported by Stock Wolf.

StockWolf received fourty three million restricted shares of GMUI and will receive four thousand dollars a month to be featured in all featured/promoted news spots, listings and social media. StockWolf may trade these shares at anytime in the future without notice.

StockWolf was compensated $195 to promote news for IEGH on 1/2/2018 - $240 on 1/8/2018

StockWolf was compensated $750 to promote news for 1 month for SEHKF on 1/18/18

Featured News/Promoted News in email newsletters is not a promotion to buy the stock or insisting on you investing in the security. It will only bring awareness to featured news for you to read. The featured news in newsletters will always be listed as featured/promoted news with the stipulations for the listings at the bottom of all emails. This page may also be linked via email to educate readers on our feature/promoted news. Our newsletters only go out to opted-in users/subscribers from StockWolf, we do not spam or use other lists to promote news.

Featured/Promoted news on social media will show up as pinned tweets of a securities news, multiple tweets a day/week of the most current news from the securities, promoted tweets via twitter ads, and multiple tweets prompting followers about the recent news by a security.

Make sure to educated yourself on a company before investing into it. Check to make the stock is current and listed without any issues or warnings. Do your own due diligence based on any information stated by a company to make a more informed decision on the stock and the root of claims. StockWolf is not liable for your loses in any security you invest in from information you gathered from the site. You are investing at your own risk, that is why due diligence is so very important when trading these types of high-risk securities.


Last modified: 10/25/2017

StockWolf is dedicated to Penny Stock quotes and data to provide information, news, and education on penny stocks to help in your due diligence.

30min+ delay on data. All data is picked with automated algorithms and not vetted for accuracy. Please, read ALL information and disclaimers before using our service. StockWolf is not a licensed financial adviser, and not liable for your loses. Trade responsibly. This site is for education purposes only not a recommendation to buy/sell


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